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Ashlesha Nakshatra

Dasha    ruler :Budha (Mercury)
Symbol : a coiled serpent
Deity : Sarpa (a divine snake)
Rulership : artificial things, bulbs, roots, fruits, insects, reptiles, poison, robbers, cereals, all classes of physicians.
Moon in Ashlesha : The person cheats, eats all kinds of food, does evil deeds, is wily and treacherous.

Attributes : Spread from 16’40” to 30’00” degree Karkata. Chandra is the lord. It is the birth star of Ketu. Symbol-coiled up snake. It is the nature of a snake to hide himself, to encircle and entwine, to creep on the chest, to embrace, and to enjoy or unite surreptitiously. All this is an attribute of Ashlesha also. The cunningness of the serpent, its devious nature, the burning sensation of poison and pain along with all consequences that poison connotes are to be read in the constitution of Ashlesha. The virtues and vices of the serpent are all in it. Chandra in Ashlesha sicklier with various faults in great intensity. Whoever would have his or her karmapathi (Lord of the 10th house) or bhagyapathi (Lord of the 9th house) in this star would run the risk of having all his or her principal acts in life handicapped, jeopardised or spoiled by many kinds of danger and obstruction. If the Lagna is in this star, the native would possibly be of wily disposition. Such people would like to work in secret and their words would carry the sting of poison.

Brihat    Samhita: When Saturn transits Ashlesha, aquatic objects or animals, as well as snakes are destroyed.

Pada descriptions:
Those born in the first pada are learned and dignified. They are knowledgeable and follow the instructions of the religious discussions. They are intelligent and good speakers. They are independent and know other’s jobs and respected by kings.
Those born in the second pada are duffers, fickle, interested in doing silly jobs. They are also gluttons, sharp, and go after other’s women. They are also very cruel.
Those born in the third pada are chatter boxes, slow, idle, interested in doing silly jobs, stingy and thieves. They suffer from windy diseases.
Those born in the fourth pada are learned, knowledgeable, soft-spoken, respected and loved by all,have no enemies,great sufferers, and loved by womenfolk. They are truthful and wealthy in respect of money and corns.

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