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Ashwani Nakshatra

Dasha ruler: Ketu
Symbol : horse head
Deity : Ashwini Kumara (horse headed celestial physicians)

By the influence of this star the native is expected to be equestrian (horse-ride) or a soldier, also a physician with marvellous power to heal. The after-speak of physicians excellence or process. It is possible, in the horoscopes of these physicians it will be seen that the Graha for successful medical practice is positioned in Ashwini Nakshatra.FromAswi is supposed to be derived carriages for animals for transport, everything related to transport and transport department. The Puranas relate that the two AswiniKumaras were born of mother Sanga and father Ravi. The mother held the solar semen in her nostrils, for otherwise she could not hold it, it is so strong. They are the twins of Sanga and therefore this Nakshatra is supposed to produce twins, Mangal in this Nakshatra – specially if the Lagna is in Kumbha and Mangal in bhatristhan indicates twin brother and sister for the native. Or if Ravi, Guru or Pitri Karaka or lord of the Bhava signifying father or son in a similar way is in this Nakshatra then the father or any of the uncles or any of the children may be one of the twin.

Moon in Ashwini : The person is a lover of show, fine clothes and ornaments. He has an attractive personality, is handsome and lovely, clever, skilful and intelligent. When Saturn transits Bharani the person harms dancers or actors, musicians or singers, those who play on musical instruments, the wicked and hunters.

Pada descriptions:

Those born in the first quarter are kingly, with good qualifies, daring, winners of wars, mixed results with family and friends, wide eyed, golden complexioned, and always carry weapons.
Those born in the second quarter are neutrals, magicians, brushed by death, win over women, do not pride, astrologer and know their job. They are also wellversed in trading and are learned.
Those born in the third quarter are fearless, sexy, enthusiastic, daring, always lovable, conduct auspecious celebrations in house; respected by king, and learned in many fields.
Those born in the fourth pada are poor, cruel, affected, angry, intolerant, stubborn, endowed with many children slip at the time of results of any job and deceive anybody to get their job done.

When Saturn transits Ashwani, he destroys horses, horsemen, poets, physicians and ministers.

Pada descriptions:

  • Those born in the first quarter are daring, carry on fire associated jobs, stingy and court other women.
  • Those born in the second quarter are religious, bright, wealthy by corns.
  • The third quarter born are learned, good eaters, enjoyers, anxious, win in arguments, quarrelsome and heroic.
  • Those born in the fourth quarter are worshipers of gods, religious, obtain good will of women.
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