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Bharni Nakshatra

Dasha ruler: Shukra (Venus)
Symbol : a vulva
Deity : Yama (the god of death)

Brihat Samhita Rulership : Those that feed on blood and flesh, cruel men, those that are engaged in killing, imprisonment and beating others, low-born persons, and those who are devoid of courage (character or nobility).

Moon in Bharani : The person is firm in his resolutions, truthful, healthy, dexterous, free from grief and happy.

Attributes : It is possible to have an idea of the nature of Bharani Nakshatra from the nature of Rahu, Mangal and Yama. To take Rahu first,
1. Rahu gives extravagant enjoyment of material pleasure and is later on the cause of sorrow,
2. Mangal gives courage, strength, exaltation and hope,
3. Yama gives purity, cleanliness, justice and integrity. The sense of restraint is also Yamas gift; he is the lord of Dharma, a stern disciplinarian, a ruthless expositor of truth, and a refuge for kings and law-abiding subjects.

We should not always confine his interpretation to his being only the lord of death; he is the great judicature, the ultimate dispenser of reward and punishment. The story of Yama-Nachiketa is a particular exposition of the hospitality of Yama, his sense of dharma and knowledge of it, his superb honesty and great integrity and other divine virtues. The Nakshatra of which he is the devata (God) is also in consequence the giver of whatever is good, pure, truthful and honest. The etymological meaning of Bharani is what deserves to be cultivated and preserved that is dependence, servitors, retainers or anything by which living is earned, for example salary. When Saturn transits Bharani the person harms dancers or actors, musicians or singers, those who play on musical instruments, the wicked and hunters.

Pada descriptions:

Those born in the first quarter are kingly, with good qualifies, daring, winners of wars, mixed results with family and friends, wide eyed, golden complexioned, and always carry weapons.
Those born in the second quarter are neutrals, magicians, brushed by death, win over women, do not pride, astrologer and know their job. They are also wellversed in trading and are learned.
Those born in the third quarter are fearless, sexy, enthusiastic, daring, always lovable, conduct auspecious celebrations in house; respected by king, and learned in many fields.
Those born in the fourth pada are poor, cruel, affected, angry, intolerant, stubborn, endowed with many children slip at the time of results of any job and deceive anybody to get their job done.

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