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Chitra Nakshatra

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Dasha ruler: Mars
Symbol : a shining jewel
Deity : Tvashtri (the celestrial architect)
Rulership : persons skilled in making ornaments, jewelry, dyeing, painting, writing, singing and perfumery, mathematicians, weavers, ophthalmic surgeons and the king’s corn.
Moon in Chitra : the person wears multi colored clothes and garlands, has beautiful eyes and limbs.

Attributes : Spread from 23’20” Kanya to 6’40” Tula Rashi. The lords are Budha and Shukra. Chitra is very beautiful to look at. Viswakarma is the great artist and artificer to the Gods, the lord of practical arts and applied aesthetics. The knowledge and capacity to paint, the gift of narration and well-ordered conversation. From Chitra is derived the painter, specialist in paints, the artist, the musician, the skilful surgeon, the imaginative writer, the specialist in aromatic herbs and dreamer of intricate paterns. The art of construction, the art of engraving, embroidery, frame-making and everything that constitutes an artistic complex from fine embroidery to the Tajmahal and on the other hand industrial engineering and skill and the organisation of machinery and plants – everything is caused or influenced by Chitra.

It is Anthropomorphically the forehead of kalapurush.

Brihat    Samhita: When Saturn transits Chitra, trouble befalls women, writers, painters and painted vessels.

Pada descriptions:
Those born in the first pada of Chittra are sharp, handsome, sexy, fickle, respected by people, religious and endowed with many children. They complete the works they desire, destroy their enemies, deceivers, increase their circle of friends, and happy.
Those born in the second pada are highly intelligent, devoted to learning, sweet-speakers, womenisers, experts in all jobs, happy, and respected by the learned.
Those born in the third pada are brave, daring, successful in any job, famous, having control over their senses, peaceful, always enjoyers, interested in varied type of sex, endowed with family and good children and earn respect and fame in the world.
Those born in the fourth pada are brave, daring, but sad. They are incapable of carrying out good works. They tread forbidden path, stingy, affected by some kind of mental trouble, having increase in the circle of enemies and always unhappy.

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