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ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं सः गुरूवे नमः ॥

Significator-The Great Fortune

Jupiter the mighty planet is called a giant of the solar system.It has a diameter of 88,000 miles. Jupiter takes a little less thantwelve years to go once round the Sun.Myth logically Jupiter is the preceptor of God.

Jupiter who is the chief governor for money. Jupiter is termed as Greater Fortune and is said to be social, expansive, masculine and moderate. He governs the liver, veins, arteries and thighs. Herules higher education and signifies judges, councillors, bankers, brokers & law. He rules financial dealings,speculation, shippingbusiness and foreign affairs. His day is Thursday, metal

gold, colour yellow and yellow sapphire gemstone.

Typical Jupiterians give such characteristics as sociability, justice, honesty, spirituality. The Jupiterian is usually quick to hit the mark as his symbolis the Archer.

In the business world, natives ruled by Jupiter become interestedin large popular enterprises and deal much in matters relatedto lawyers, judges, bankers, brokers and physicians & also charitable and religious affairs.

Jupiter is fiery, noble, benevolent, fruitful, optimistic,positive, and dignified planet. He is the greatest benefic planet. Jupiter makes one law abiding, true, honest, sincereand dutiful.

Jupiterians are well built and may have a huge belly. Theywill have good growth in youth, have muscular body and becomeso stout as to command respect from others.Jupiter is also considered as significator for children & husband.

Jupiter owns Sagittarius and Pisces. He is exalted in Cancer,the highest exaltation point being 5 degrees of Cancer. He is debilitatedin Capricorn, the lowest debilitation being 5 degrees ofCapricorn. First 5 degrees portion of Sagittarius is his Mooltrikonaand the rest is his own sign.The whole of Pisces is alsohis own sign.

The Sun, the Moon and Mars arefriendsof Jupiter. Mercuryand Venus are his enemies Saturn is neutral to him.

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