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ॐ स्रां स्रीं स्रौं सः केतवे नमः॥

Rahu& Ketu-The Shadowy Planets

Rahu SignificatorResearch, Life in Foreign Land, Foreign Traveling, Fraud, Skin diseases,Poison, Snake bite, Prostitutes, Falsehood, Darkness, Gambling, Backbiter, Drugs, Liquor, Smuggling, suicide, Computer& IT.

Ketu Significator-Moksha (Salvation), Imprisonment, life in foreign land, leprosy, Suicide, Smoky colour, Astrology, Bankruptcy, Kidnapping, Murder, Slaughter House etc.

Rahu&Ketu are celestial points on the zodiac with regulated movementand orbit and they have a distinct and predictable influence inhoroscopes. The motion of these points which is always retrograde, can be calculated as accurately as the position ofthe Sunor the Moon, through owing to their being without substance,this cannot be verified by visual observation.

The ancients have named Rahu and Ketu as Dragon’s Headand Dragon’s Tail respectively.

Rahu and Ketu indicate low caste, one whomay have intrigue with girls; is one whose thoughts and actionswill be evil.

Rahu represents outcaste,multi-coloured clothes, while Ketu represents mixed castes, rags (clothes having holes).

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