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ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं सः भौमाय नमः

Significator- The Brother and Courage

Mars is one of the outer planets. It is nearer to the Earththan any of the other outer planets like Jupiter, Saturn etc. Marsis smaller than Earth and its diameter is around 4,200 miles.

MARS is the God of War, Destruction & hunting. MARS is a dry, fiery planet &masculine by nature. Mars hasmuch to do with one’s ambition and desires. Mars rules the animal instinct in man. Generally, Marsis treated as a malefic planet.

MARS gives self-confidence, endurance,impulse for all ventures and heroic deeds, strength, courage, combativeness,sharp wit, faculty to argue, go ahead spirit etc. Marsbestows the nature with quick -Mental activity and extraordinarymuscular strength, great organising ability, power for practical

execution, independent spirit, force of character, strong determination,

ambition to come out successful in the material fieldinspite of any opposition, and above all, leadership in all pursuits.

People born with Mars as their ruling planet will have whitecomplexion with a shade of red. Thenative will be tall and muscular.Their eyes will be round. Their waists will be narrow.Mars is the chief governor for brothers and landed property.His colour is red-gems, coral, ruby, and all red & governs Tuesday.

Mars governs the sex organs, bladder, muscular system, head,face, Ieft ear and sense of taste; also cuts, burns. Herules copper, gold, iron and steel, surgery, chemistry, military, matters and wars, policemen, surgeons, dentists, butchers, thoseof quick temper and reddish complexion. Being averse to dictatorship,persons influenced by Mars is inventive and mechanical, they become good designer, builders & managers and usually make their way to the front in whatever they undertake.

Mars owns Aries and Scorpio. He is exalted in Capricorn, the highest exaltation point being 28 degrees in Capricorn and is debilitated in cancer at 28 degrees. The first 12 degrees portion of Aries is hisMooltrikona and the rest is his own sign. The whole of Scorpio is also his own sign. The Sun, Moon and Jupiter are friends of Mars. Mercury is hisenemy. Venus and Saturn are neutral to him.

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