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Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Dasha ruler: Jupiter
Symbol : the front part of a funeral cot
Deity : Ajaikapada (another form of Rudra)
Rulership : thieves, cowherds, murderous persons, niggards and those engaged in despicable and roguish activities, those who are devoid of virtuous or religious observances and those that are clever in single combat.
Moon in Poorvabhadrapada : the person will easily think of negative outcomes, suffer grief, be under the control of the spouse, be wealthy, clever, uncharitable.

Attributes : Spread from 20’00” in Kumbha up to 3’20” in Me en. Lords are Shani and Guru. It causes burns, punishes by fire, causes pain, burns things to ashes, uses words that burn, conduct that blisters, use of harsh words, evil disposition, cruelty, greediness, restlessness, feeling of despair and unsatisfied ambition, to burn by slow degrees, sudden excess of anger etc.

Anthropomorphically this is the side of the body of Kalapurush.

Brihat    Samhita: When Saturn transits Satabhisaj and Purvabhadrapada, physicians, poets, drunkards, traders and politicians are afflicted.

Pada descriptions:
Those born in the first pada are worshipers of gods, enjoy life, cruel and stubborn. They are candid, stIngy, respected, quarrelsome, grab others’ property and court courtesans.
Those born in the second pada are enjoyers of life, well versed with spells, exorcists and carry on varied kinds of transactions. They are interested in scents and flowers, chief amongst their friends, poets, givers, wise, travellers and are engaged on the works of relatives.
Those born in the third pada are wise, always enjoy life, loved by their parents, learned, transact many things, wealthy and respected by relatives. They are peaceful and undertake all jobs.
Those born in the fourth pada are wealthy, loved by their wives, respected by the world, worship their mothers and support many people. They like music, wear ornaments, help at the sight of difficulty and respected by the king.

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