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Rohini Nakshatra

Dasha ruler: Chandra (Moon)
Symbol : a cart
Deity : Brahma (the Creator)

Rulership : Observers of vows, merchandises, kings, wealthy persons, Yogis, cartmen, cows, bulls, aquatic animals, husbandmen, mountains and men in authority.
Moon in Rohini : One is truthful and pure, holding no secrets, speaks sweetly and compellingly, of steady mind and heart, and handsome.

Attributes : The word is derived from Rohan which means to rise or to bring into existence. It extends in the Vrishabha Rashi from 10’00” degrees to 23’20”. Rohini- group therefore encompasses everything that comes within the range of creation – beasts, birds, animals etc. It would also connote the process of growing, begetting, birth, production etc, in brief production, birth and creation. Rising means process of ascending, that is to say the creative evolution, the cultivation and the improvement. Mythology describes Rohini the wife of Chandra. Of all the 27 Stars-all wives of Chandra-Rohini is said to have been fond of fine dress, cosmetics and decor and was the most beloved of Chandra. The Rohini (group) is, in the line with this, considered to be the cause of a taste for fine dress, perfume, and other articles of toilet. Creation continues to exist mainly on the basis of food; and Rohini is supposed to be the cause of food. The direct and immediate cause of food is Agni and Brahma the remote cause. From this point of view the God who gives food, that is Agni, is the spiritual principle of Rohini (group) Nakshatra and because, Brahma the remote cause of food is also the Devata of Rohini; the range of influences of this group runs over the whole gamut of the visible and invisible animal world.

Brihat    Samhita: When Saturn transits Rohini and countries of Kosala, Madra, Kasi and Pancala as well as cartmen are troubled.

Pada descriptions:

  • Those born in the first pada of Rohini are endowed with red hairs, daring, candid, and cruel.
  • The second pada born are enjoyers, controllers of senses, happy, worship gods and guests, wealthy, and interested in rearing catfie.
  • Those born in the third pada are pleasant minded, poets, learned, strong in mind, mathematicians, and collectors of many things.
  • Those born in the fourth pada are lovers of relatives, help others, intelligent, respecting the god Vishnu and their teachers.
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