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Shatbhisha Nakshatra

Dasha ruler: Rahu
Symbol : an empty circle
Deity : Varuna (the Deity for cosmic and terrestrial waters)
Rulership : snarers, anglers, aquatic products, dealers in fish etc., boar hunters, washer men, distillers and fowlers.
Moon in Shatabisha : one is truthful and speaks frankly, can be vicious, crushes his enemies, is daring and does not like to be a subordinate.

Attributes : Spread from 6’40” up to 20’00” in Kumbha. Lord is Shani. The Ocean, rivers, lakes etc. are derived from this star and it signifies aquatic marine life. It concerns boats, concealment, the veil, and to hide beneath the veil, covering, armour, places to hide things, failures, no-easy success, sorrow, death, restraint, idleness, peevishness, cynicism and a mania for excessive cleanliness.

Diseases indicated by this star are dropsy, rheumatism and heart disease.

Brihat    Samhita: When Saturn transits Shatabhisha and Purvabhadrapada, physicians, poets, drunkards, traders and politicians are afflicted.

Pada descriptions:
Those born in the first pada are truthful, stable minded, proud, friendly and worship guests. They are soft spoken, wealthy, religious, have many friends and brave. They are of helping nature, endowed with good qualities and love their relatives.
Those born in the second pada are fearful, undecided, develop difference of opinion amongst their relatives and deceivers. They suffer from varied losses and are great fools. They are brave and sans gods and elders. They wander in foreign countries and develop enemity with women.
Those born in the third pada are slow, endowed with sons, always do incendiary works, they travel widely in other countries, examiners of details, idle and possess grabbing mentality of other’s properties. They suffer from varied diseases, accompany the cruel circle, poor and cause suffering to the clan in which they are born . They are wanted by others and stray away from the righteous path.

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