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Swati Nakshatra

Dasha ruler: Rahu
Symbol : a tear drop
Deity : Marut (the wind Deity)
Rulership : birds, beasts, horses, traders, grains that cause wind, unsteady friends, feeble characters, ascetics and connoisseurs of wares.
Moon in Swati : the person has subdued passions, is a trader, generous at heart, sweet spoken, and religious in spirit and actions.

Attributes : Spread from 6’40” to 20’00” Tula. Restlessness disposition or physical restlessness, inability to stay still at any place, fidgetiness, and noise comes from the Attributes of its Deity the wind. It is self-assured and asserting. The winds (Marut) are the Lords of North-West. There are 49 of them under ‘Pavana’.Of all Gods he is the strongest and most obstinate. From these are derived the knowledge, the physical internal adjustments of the 5 Winds – Pan, Apan, Vyan, Udan and Saman. Also from this comes the storms and the whirl-wind, the concrete disturbance of the atmosphere, A person born under this star is good at buying and selling, his wealth and property comes and goes quite easily. He is an independent sort of man, always striving for more independence. Asceticism is yet another attribute of this star. Diseases of the wind are to be treated in reference to this . The Wind is the great scavenger, it sweats the dross and purifies. The winnowing of rice bears comparison to this.

Brihat    Samhita: When Saturn transits Swati, rhapsodists (or bards or the people of Magadha), spies, couriers, charioteers or story-tellers, sailors, actors, musicians etc. are affected.

Pada descriptions:
Those born in the first pada are always brave, knowledgeable, speak little excess, good speakers, handsome, capable in doing any job, endowed with sophisticated body but strong, critical in all undertakings, and winners of the hearts of people.
Those born in the second pada recollect the help rendered by others, they undertake forbidden jobs, untruthful, handsome, hate brothers, irreligious, extremely stingy but endowed with good wife and children.
Those born in the third pada increase their enemy circle, great fools, expend money and time irresponsibly, agriculturist, not liked by the circle of friends and relatives, always thinking and unwanted by any.
Those born in the fourth pada are prominent persons. They are liked by all, litfie? angry, respectful of teachers and wealthy. They are happy with their family and children. They are wise and bright and always interested in doing good works.

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